Capt. Ted Donald

Captain Ted Donald is a licensed USCG Master Mariner who has been Fishing, Sailing and Diving since the early 80’s  His home ports have included Australia, Canada and Hawaii before coming to San Diego some 20 years ago.

He has also been a Dive instructor and Advanced Dive Master since the 80’s when he dove professionally in Australia.  Ted’s love for fishing began back in Canada as a kid. His passion for the water is evident in his love for Fishing, Sailing, Diving, and Surfing.

Captain Ted has an eye for detail and a great demeanor.  Your positive, safe and enjoyable experience with Captain Ted is a given.

It is his wish to inspire your love for the Ocean and Sport Fishing during you trip with him.

Capt. Jason Lilley

Captain Jason Lilley has been working in the fishing industry for the last 2 decades and loves taking people out and seeing them catch their first big fish.  He now has a fleet of boats, to accommodate all your fishing needs!

“I started out as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, where I worked and fished for pleasure for almost 7 years. Growing up in Oregon, I have been living and fishing on boats for over 20 years, and currently run both fishing and pleasure yacht charters in San Diego, with 6 boats working in the fleet.”

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