What an amazing trip! From the moment we stepped on board, the service was amazing. With beers on ice (and in hand) we headed south to claim our bounty. Captain Ted and crew woke us at first light and the troll was on. Eyes half open, the smell of fresh coffee in the air , BAM!! Double hook up!!! With adrenaline pumping we put both fish on board, two bluefin and it’s barely first light. Soon after we began fishing the kelp paddies. We were able to fly line a few yellowtail, all above 15lbs! When we weren’t fishing, we were exchanging stories with the crew while eating excellent food. What a great experience for our first time on a 6 pack. We will definitely be doing it again!

Jake M

Wonderful Trip

I may not have taken this trip myself, but let me tell you I know it was a great one! I surprised my boyfriend with the full day, offshore trip for his 24th birthday and invited 5 of his buddies to fish along. At the end of the day, every single one of them walked back into the house with the biggest smile on their face. To say they slayed it out there doesn’t do it justice. We have enough fish in this fridge to feed a village! The crew made this trip one of the best ones these boys have EVER had. Such a great crew and experience. Can’t thank you both enough for all that you did! With that being said, book with Cobalt! You won’t be disappointed.

Boat was Incredible

Simple, Cobalt fishing will put fish on the deck and make sure your having a good time doing it. Coming from a boat owner I appreciate the fishability and comfort of Cobalt. The boats fully equipped with multiple beds, full galley, stocked fridge of food/beer, and plenty of snacks to grab between the bites. Southern Cal fishing is all about the presentation of live bait which we had three scoops of, not one turned belly up throughout the day. I would like to thanks Jason the capt for his attentiveness towards fishing and ability to find fish. He got us on a school around noon and fished it till sundown, always 1-3 fish hung at a time. The bite was so hot we picked up 2 yft yo-yoing a colt sniper. Tips for a great trip include plenty of screwball and eating the head off a sardine! Tight lines and bloody decks.

Amazing Experience

Our experience on the Cobalt was amazing. Ted and the crew were extremely hospitable. We departed San Diego around 8:30pm. Ted, Lonny, and Tanner met us on the dock and gave us the rundown of what to expect. They were very open with communication and gave us some options on what we could fish for. After choosing to target mahi-mahi south into Mexico, we were underway. First thing in the morning we hit yellowfin on a troll, then were onto a school a mahi that did not seem to end. Ted, Lonnie, and Tanner were on it. Having half the group with some experience, and half never being on the water before the crew was extremely helpful and patient with everyone during the extremely heavy runs of fish. We will definitely book with Capt. Ted and the Cobalt again in the future! Here are some additional notes that might be helpful to others…

Boat/Sleeping Accommodations: We had a group of 6 adults and the sleeping arrangements were great. There were 5 single bunks, 1 double, and a couch for sleeping options.

Bathroom: The boat has a single head which was extremely clean and well maintained.

Galley/Food: Ted and the crew kept us well fed on our trip. They delivered on their promise of water, soft drinks, snacks, and 3 meals. Even though we only needed to bring some beer, we definitely brought too many snacks with us. Every meal with good breakfast burritos, fresh baked cookies, box lunch, and pasta. Nobody went hungry on this trip.

Great First Trip Out

Was a great first trip out on the water for my family. Lonnie did a great job getting us on the fish and We could not have been luckier to have a guy like Tanner. He worked his tail off making sure all the fish got on the boat, fishing rigs were always ready to go and was always there for my boys if they needed any assistance. Captain Lonnie was just as great. He was always lending a hand when Tanner needed the help. Can’t say that for all Captains.
The boat had plenty of snacks and drinks for the whole trip. My wife and daughter-in-law went on the trip also. Cobalt Sportfishing made this a wonderful trip for me to spend time with my boys, wife and daughter-in-law.
Thanks so much, will definitely be taking another trip next year.

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